Drummer at Kessa, Buka, Bougainville

The ability to play an instrument has always alluded me. I’ve never made the commitment to it (other than the usual high school flapping about).

The last few years have seen me eyeing off the percussion instruments, as the ‘idea’ of drumming appeals. With a few people around town who could show me a few things, any number of drum kits available for practice and a pair of sticks already purchased by Unky Ho Tien (with mandatory flames painted on), I may just have to start making a hell of a noise when I get back to Buka. Apologies to the neighbours…

2 Responses to Percussion

  • Pen says:

    While you were busy catching tadpoles at the Conservatorium of Music pond after the preschoolers class, the teacher was telling me your apitiude was for percussion. We could however not dissuade you from the tadpoles so I say never too late – start drumming! You don’t live with us anymore!

  • Jason says:

    When you get back to Oz you can catch up with Jo and her African Tribal drum. but first give me a warning so I can escape on the bike….
    Safe travels.

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