Fresh water soak under torch light

… I imagined being able to switch the lights back on when I needed to… oh well, at least the power went out (again) this evening after I had finished all the day’s work that required the enlarger bulb.

The second fix, toning, a few water soaks, hypo-clear and then loading the prints into the washer can be done under the light given out from a mobile phone (thank you Nokia for putting a little torch in there instead of a camera/MP3 player/foot massager).

It’s after midnight, I’m getting old, it’s time to head home to bed. The prints are in the drying racks which are then further secured under fly screen to keep out ‘the resident’.

If there’s anymore trouble…

2 Responses to When I set up the new darkroom…

  • John says:

    The Chinese restaurant at Kobuan Bay just south of Arawa has been dealing with “uninvited residents” since the 1970’s. You will have to visit there to get some tips.

  • Jonathan says:

    Your getting old ! Never

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