RF 21mm

I’ve packed a bag and am heading off down the big island to continue working on a project and meet up with a few people. Phone and net coverage will be patchy for the duration, so apologies if anyone is trying to find me. Send an email and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Should be back in a few days (give or take a few for weather, surprises and transport).

This morning a tsunami warning went out across Bougainville, and Buka town quickly emptied as people went for high ground. A number of quakes had rumbled over in Vanuatu, and a ‘wave’ was recorded by the Hawaii crew. We waited for its arrival, but nothing came through. Rumours of water coming up in Central Bougainville a few hours ago, and other stories floating about. More than likely nothing happened, but we’ll know more later as it all comes out on the news services.

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