It has finally hit the papers here. US President Barrack Obama’s face planted on the body of a Huli wigman. The picture has been doing the rounds, and many people are upset (you think?).

It seems some fool has mixed up somewhere in Africa with the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in their effort to lay out a moronic, racially based slur against Obama and his healthcare reform plan. An ‘African witchdoctor’ is the description doing the rounds.

Next we’ll be hearing about kangaroos hopping around in Austria…

3 Responses to Obama the Huli (not the African witchdoctor)

  • Jacob Sekewa says:

    It is not racist. Infact, we the Hela people of Papua New Guinea are proud to see a world leader like Obama identifying himself with us. President Obama is a real warrior dressed in Huli wigman and it symbolises how a black man and a real warrior has concquired the world of racists and unified blacks and whites. It makes Papua New Guinea a litle bit popular to the world.

    God Bless America and the World.

    Jacob Sekewa
    General Secretary, Hela Gimbu Association Inc.
    Papua New Guinea
    Telephone +675 72968379

  • Mo Rage says:

    This may not be racist in your country, General Secretary, but I can assure you that this is not only racist in the United States, it was also intended that way by whomever made it. (I also question that the General Secretary of Papua New Guinea wrote the above but whatever).

  • Hempe says:

    OK ‘Mo Rage’,

    I’ll state now that I do not know Mr Sekewa.

    Mr Sekewa is not the “General Secretary of Papua New Guinea” (WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT!?!?). His signature states his role in Hela. A simple google search will give you a better understanding of his background. At least do a little reading before making such a snide comment.

    Of course the intention of the witch doctor poster was to take a racial shot at the US President. The blow up in Papua New Guinea was that Obama’s face had been placed over that of a man from the Southern Highlands of PNG, thereby dragging another country into the juvenile domestic political gymnastics of the US.

    There was a large reaction in PNG, and if you did a simple browse of the local media you would see the comments ranged from mild amusement at the stupidity of the poster all the way through to outright rage and cries of offense.

    You need to read Mr Sekewa’s comment more carefully, then put it in the context of his role in domestic happenings, the wider PNG-US relations (as expressed locally), and the possible visit (subsequently cancelled) of H. Clinton.

    You’ve gone out on a rant and had a shot at Mr Sekewa (who put his name to his comment, unlike you).

    You owe him an apology.

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