Journal 20160502 sweat - yangon

Walking to school to collect the boys and I get the chance to really get smashed by the pre-monsoon heat. It’s a feeling that I miss; the overly muggy, brutal chew-through-the-atmosphere tropical richness. Love it. Adore it. From here it’ll just build and build until that cracking break of weather and moisture and heaping rain.

Once the sweat really creeps out all over you and the feet plod down the road it all settles into a grinding acceptance and enjoyment. As long as I put enough water back in it’s a sensation that I adore. And often all i’ve been tipping in is coffee so it all doubles down in a dehydrated mess. Sounds really wrong but fuck it my-blog-my- random musings. Camera in hand, ripping sunlight mixed with hazy humid skies. Sweeeeeet. The physicality of the undertaking. The importance of the effort and the tax on the eyes and brain.

To crawl back into the shade at some point with a few rolls exposed, ready to read books, play puzzles or draw pictures with the grommets.

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