Journal 20160426 caught my eye - 1971(c) Roger Vail

I saw the picture above the other day… through various links and clicks I landed on it and had to pause… the series had spun around a year or more ago on the interweb merry-go-round but as usual ol’ KP is late late late to the party.

The group of pictures don’t particularly do a lot for me… but one or two of them are just magnificent in their use of the one-eyed-picture-machine’s limitiations/abiity to build something wholly new and fascinating.

Yeah yeah yeah there will of course be the claim against of trickery, style, kitsch or something of the like… but that gorgeous disk of light and power above stopped me dead for a few minutes.

So hats off to Roger Vail for his many years of pointing his camera at the fair rides! Some of those pictures make me GRIN.

Journal 20160426 caught my eye - 1972 (c) Roger Vail

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