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A little event today at the MGA. I gave a short presentation on the Camp Slayer work, discussing the photographs and the circumstances surrounding them. Those attending asked some good questions, and I hope got something out of the presentation.

Once it was all done, I headed over to Monash University to try and find a friend. Clive Porabou, a Nasioi man who has made a number of documentaries and has been very kind to me every time we have met up in Bougainville, was in town for a conference and a screening of his most recent work. I walked around the uni looking for him, as I wasn’t sure where he was. But, in the usual round-about way we ended up  bumping into each other and had a lovely chat, catching up and telling stories. He’s suffering with the cold, but seems in great spirits.

David Hempenstall and Clive Porabou

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  • Mum & Dad says:

    Had the most wonderful time at the exhibition. What a cheer squad it was that rallied around you. Congratulations – proud wouldn’t half describe it! After hearing Ed’s excitement at listening to the radio interview on podcast, we can see we’ll have to lift our game on the unconditional love and support. Love you heaps

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