negs drying

Loving the late nights shut away in my little makeshift darkroom… shuffling film through the trays and slowly getting on with it. Nothing like things held together with gaffer tape and spit… definitely gotta wait for the sun to disappear on this one… it’d be a daylight fog-o-tron if I made the sun up attempt… of course I miss the space and comfort of my nice work area back in Oz, there is something fun about the cobbled together versions we sometimes build when on the move.

A quick check of what’s happening, find a favourite song that is about the right length for a (N) dev time given the circumstances… headphones in the ears, lights out, press play and splash about till the last notes wail… sweeeeeeet… the warmish water outta the pipes (and no need to panic and sweat it down the few degrees to perfect) means I’ve had aenema going round in my ears – run the track once through and a bit more of the repeated beginning gets me there…

Mom’s gonna fix it all soon.

Mom’s comin’ round to put it back the way it ought to be.

Learn to swim.

By the time the lights come back on I’ve been a rock star for a spins… shaking and wiggling and nodding my head… if an overly enthusiastic stage dive wouldn’t land me face first into the chems I’d probably attempt it… might still just for idiotic bragging rights… a face full of dilute dev and some old fixer never hurt anyone…

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