(c) Tyler Hicks

An entry over on the duckrabbit blog caught my eye the other day and I’ve returned to it a few times. Given some of the questionable flapping about over Tyler Hick’s coverage in Gaza recently it comes as an interesting little aside.

The piece wanders about (hell… brainwaves?) but on the whole I find some concepts within it quite fascinating. The sense of ‘objectivity’… not particularly… but the claim of witness and its danger of proof through technological fingerprint… scary, possibly overblown, interesting to mull over.

(c) Gilad Lotan

““Where does all this leave us? Well my ‘big stick’ example still holds I think, but today its digital, and specifically ‘metadata’. In a mess of confused and confusing sentiment, some of it fact, some fiction, much of it used as propaganda of one sort or another, metadata has the potential to provide a very basic yardstick to underline the “I was there” “It was this time” “I saw this”, and perhaps also as represented in the Lotan ‘image’ above “This is where my sympathy lies”.

And therein may lie a huge problem.”

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  • Hi David thanks for the link. Yes it was a ramble – kind of written as stuff appeared in real time, and I have to confess I struggled to make any real sense of it, but I have to agree the real meat in it was the bit I deliberately didn’t speculate too much over – the ‘technologocal fingerprint’ bit. Google Glass will be an interesting bit of kit and I’m curious about where that will lead us. All that aside I thought the Lotan ‘images’ depicting ‘sympathies’ as defined by Instagram hashtags was astonishing. Interesting times.
    All the best

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