www.davidhempenstall.com is up and official. The fireworks, the celebrities, the fanfare and paparazzi…. overwhelming.

The site has been up for a good while now as we’ve worked on a few things. Phil Fitzgerald, the very talented designer and producer (www.philfitzgerald.com), has tinkered and played to make my scratches in the sand into something decent. Big respect.

This journal is the place to drop by and find news on exhibitions, projects, other photographers, events, scandals, and the general drudgery of being a hack photographer.

New additions to the site will be announced here, and multimedia content will be available for download once I get my brain around the complicated nature of it all.


The proper launch of the site coincides with the doors opening on the Camp Slayer show at the Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne (www.mga.org.au). Vey exciting. The official opening is this Saturday (4th July 2009), all are welcome to come along and heckle! My snaps are hanging along with a selection of pictures from ten contemporary German workers on the other side of the gallery.

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