I’ve quietly put a little version of Dust Days up on the website… this thing has been rolling around in various cabinets, boxes and containers for a long time… maybe too long or not long enough…. I’m at a loss at this point…and there’s no finish in the near future… this is just me fleshing/thrashing a few things out and living again with the project. I’m in no rush (can’t you tell?…).

Kinda like tinkering under the hood, having a drink and attacking it again ‘after lunch’. Just with a little of it out in public… getting a feel for how I relate to it when it’s not stored under the bed. The online version of it will probably change/shift/grow/shrink over the next few weeks/months and will most likely disappear again at some point.

Anyhoo… ya can find it here if you’ve got time: Dust Days

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