Journal 20140321 Try Hard #3 - issue3

The third installment of Try Hard Magazine landed a few weeks back… as always lovely pictures to stare at and plenty to dig around in… and it prompted me to look at a bunch of the the online efforts out there…

The online-photography-magazine-world has really exploded in the last 6-7 years… they seem to come and go based on the time and energy of those (usually an individual or pair at best) driving them… they vary greatly in tone, intent, base and  execution (especially given the time frame addressed)… but what can be said is that there is a startling depth in some of them.

Where many print publications would be unable to endure the punishment of addressing certain work or conversations… the online mags have, at times, been able to dig around and show us things that are pause worthy.

So a tip of the hat to those who have stuck their neck out, put up with the long hours, the time spent fussing over other peoples pictures, the time spent fussing over code/layout/delivery/integration and redundancy or outright technical collapse. Whether you last a single issue or one hundred… well done.

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