Jimmy Mubenga - photo: Graeme Robertson

Jimmy Mubenga – photo: Graeme Robertson

The shit-show that is offshore processing has created anger, heat and frustration since its inception all those moons ago… the Pacific Solution (MkI and MkII)… the Malaysian Solution… the Timor Leste solution… the Cambodian Solution… solutions solutions solutions by the two major Australian political parties.

And now the Manus riot… but it is the weird “PNG is such a violent, uncontrollable place” that has really got me a bit bemused… to think there are people drawing that thread out of all this…

So to take a side step KP will just pause on the case of a man who was killed in the UK by G4S in 2010 (G4S ‘had’ the Manus contract – start looking around on G4S and start weeping).

Jimmy Mubenga was held down by three men working for G4S inside an aircraft sitting on the tarmac at Heathrow (he was being deported from the UK). They held him for more than half an hour in a position that killed him due to asphyxia. Witnesses heard him at times pleading for it to stop. The inquest found it was an “unlawful killing” by jury verdict. None of the three men who killed him have been charged yet.

Outsourcing cruelty is big business.

*edit: 20th March 2014 – charges of manslaughter have been brought against the G4S guards.

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