Broadway by Light (c) William Klein

Foam have had a bunch of William Klein’s pictures on the wall for some time now… and the reactions to the show have been ragingly positive… and with Mosse’s Enclave soon to be shown it is only getting better!

Foam’s blog is always a good stop in the surfing hours… and a little piece caught my eye… examining his moving footage work and a pivotal moment in American (and more broadly, world) cinema.

“But I believe that his extended stay in Paris after World War II enabled Klein to look at the metropolis with new eyes. Klein was intrigued by New York as a city selling itself. He saw it as a place where advertising played an enormous role in day-to-day life, where the American dream was being propagated everywhere all the time. But the same American dream was juxtaposed to the harsh reality of life in some of the down and out neighbourhoods of the city. His series is like a stream of consciousness, an endless flow of quick snaps firmly rooted in the moment. Klein initially struggled to get his New York pictures published, since the American publishers he approached all considered it to be too unpatriotic, too grim. It was only thanks to French film maker Chris Marker that the book saw the light of day at all.”

Read the entire piece here


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