opened 35mm film

‘The familiar’ is a comfort at times even when it is a repetitive chore that is simply physical process and not something that gets the eye or mind screaming.

So it is with the act of processing B&W neg… the undertaking that can be accomplished in just about any locale with a range of chemical ingredients that can be bought, begged or stolen anywhere from the supermarket through to the industrial chemical supplier.

Turn the lights off… get the rollfilm into a tank… tip in the soup and swish ‘em round for a while. Done.

The chore has followed me all over the place as I’ve (for some stupid reason) continued to stick with the basic approach of B&W neg for my pictures… but the chore has centred me on any number of occasions. It has made me stop. Pause. Not rush about from one thing to the next. Simply to stand and address the singular need for a brief time late at night (once the monsters are asleep).

The familiar act that produces all sorts of unfamiliar each and every time.

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