(c) Ed Fisher

(c) Ed Fisher

News has gone around that Art Pinder… one of the originals… has died in his eighties.

For anyone who adores the ocean the old book Last of the Bluewater Hunters has probably gone under your nose… and as such the Pinder brothers and their family would be familiar.

And Art was always referred to as the freak… the fish ahead of his time… and a dedicated user of the Hawaiian Sling (even took a sailfish with the damn thing when he was a very young man!). He and his brother graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1955 and the story goes that they’re the only spearos to ever be cover girls…

So this little entry just grabs a moment of time to reflect on the two generations slipping back into the sea… the people who were the transition into the modern versions of freediving and spearfishing (and of course SCUBA).

KP tips its fluffy hat to them all.

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