Between the squawking parrot next door and the drunks out in the street there is never a lack of fun to be had around my work place. The weekends are especially interesting, with the beer soaked benders turning into marathon sessions often lasting days.

SP Green

It is a blessing. Rather than being stuck inside a house or in some sterile industrial estate in a big city, I open the door from the darkroom and can buy ice cream within a few paces, have a chat with my landlord and his family, go around the corner and annoy my missus, snap pictures in Buka or roam over to the food market for some fruit. A short boat ride and I’m over on the big island.

Outflanking work prints

I have to remind myself of this every time the power blacks out, the water runs out or when some spak begins to take out his frustration on me as I roll home at the end of the day. Wouldn’t change it. Good times.

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