Journal 20131004 the onshore breeze - south coast NSW

It’s surprising how much derision I have landed over the years squarely at the feat of a simple breeze blowing landward… its misshapen swell and chop and discomfort… the attached vision of sketchy entries into the sea and bleeding skin a few hours later on exit across a washy rock platform.

But during the last week I spent a brief hour watching the onshore wind play across the sapphire waters of Southern NSW – and I removed the past associations to simply enjoy the light foamy spray kicked forwards off the top of the short chop; I marveled at the bouncing, ungainly lumps of water knocking against a sandstone ledge (in contrast to the long, rounded beauty of a big winter swell with a gentle offshore breeze on its face)… and it became clear just how much I miss the taste of salt water…

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  • kevin foreman says:

    Once bitten. I’ve had far less of a taste than you but no amount of Listerine – or parenting – is up to the job of getting rid of it. I’m lucky, I have the Harbour on my doorstep…if you consider a little over a kilometre to be my doorstep. I’m learning to appreciate the water’s different moods and looks. At last.

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