Prints in the washer

After a late start in the darkroom yesterday and subsequent late finish, this morning was consumed with jobs that are just ‘brain in neutral’ kind of stuff. Mixing chems, couriering out a few packages, a bit of work on the typewriter, ordering supplies and getting a truck of water in for the darkroom.

The Monash Gallery of Art show is coming up in a few weeks. I’ve got an artist talk on Thursday 09 July that I need to do more work on. I’ve been assured it is a relaxed affair, so I shouldn’t be too worried. Still, gotta try and put something interesting together, rather than bumble along freestyling the thing. That will require a bit of concentration to get right.

And of course just as I’m getting organised to put some more pics up on the site …. the scanner craps out. Thank goodness two of the projects are better done as camera copies rather than on the flatbed, so they’ll be ok. Happy happy joy joy.

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