Ol’ KisimP has referred to Mr Towell and his marvelous pictures in the past… but as always ‘familiarity’ gets you into dangerous territory where you have some sort of version of it tucked away in your head and belly… it can be a dumbed down and poor version of what can be seen and touched directly.

The Mennonites is the project that he was told to stop (and he admits he would probably still be on it if the intervention had not occurred). And it’s a beautiful little book that I went back to recently after the better part of a year of not really looking at it… not looking at it properly… not holding the thing in my lap and soaking up some of the packed in huge photographs (there are some things in there that truly floor me). So now I have and I smile and grin and dance a dance and rush back to it and wipe the sweat off my brow and turn the page and gasp and grin again and jump up and down and sing out with a little ecstasy and fall back into my chair with little energy left and rest and rest before the next opportunity to marvel at his effort.

And as I sit in that damaged chair I can quietly consider the glorious print hanging on the wall… the glowing triangle and amputated edges… the pavement and the wet stain… oh oh pictures can truly make us swoon if we just give them that little bit of space.

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