@nokenwari pointed me over to the piece by Teju Cole that has been doing the rounds… it’s a great read… neither looking at new ground nor ground breaking… but very pointed and without unnecessary flapping about… the kind of thing that keeps my little dim-witted head rolling along with a grin plastered across my face.

“It was an uncomplicated experiment, not an attempt to create a new work of art. But I could see that there was potential there, perhaps not for me, but surely for others who might want to think through the capabilities of Search By Image. Machine had once again met Mind, and Machine knew of Mind what Mind itself had not known. The totalizing Google information monster was backlit, looming, and breathing heavily. The monster had its own ideas. But in the shards of light flashing off its silhouette were also, as usual, new possibilities for art and for the soul.”

Beautiful. Possibility rather than answer or statement… just magic enquiries and the glorious opportunity to keep spinning out wider and wider on a spiral.

Read it here.

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