Magnum’s most recent hookup with CNN has inspired praise and condemnation… I’m just left feeling a little dirty and uncomfortable with it all.

War and Fashion… not a lot more needs to be said to give you the ‘concept’.

The mining of archives and narrative/concept driven edits made in hindsight without regard for context may at times be beautiful things to layout and explore in depth… but if it misses and flounders in a lightweight ‘comparison’ then we are all poorer for it.

The current feature/edit of Christopher Anderson’s work comes off as being terrible at best (in my stupid first opinion… for I will change it 10000 times in the next hour!). He is a brilliant photographer… and his work has been butchered by this.

It is literally “ooooh look… a shoe… now we need to find a similar mag frame with a shoe… oooh look at that gesture… now can we find an arm at fashion week with a similar curve”… really base stuff that seems to cheapen the strength and commitment of photographers, editors, critics and other workers…

…but more than likely I’ve simply missed the whole point so do not take my word for it!

Have a look at the original but I encourage you to go further afield and dig… there are some interesting reactions out there.

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