Warm water, good friends, sliding into the sea with a lovely current running and a buch of canoes on the upcurrent edge of an offshore reef…

Sailfish splashing on the surface… dogtooth and tax-collectors rolling down the slope… and well and truly my best coral trout to date… it was a decent fish.

Of course Maro and Rutana were there… who else?!

2 Responses to water

  • Sue Torelli says:

    Hi David,

    Thats a great photo well done was the fish tasty, We are revamping website currently and would love to use your picture and comments is that Ok with you?



  • wouter says:

    man you are so much like that fish colourwise it’s uncanny. it’s like your proudly presenting a part of your body. also what are those vents near your scrotum, looks impressive. much respect, w

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