A message from an old mate sent me out to look at some pictures… and then a link sent me out to another set… and then a link sent me to some random site…. where a link sent me…. you know how it goes… but somehow I ended up marvelling at a magnificent set of pictures by Minick of Americans at various ‘tourist sites’.

Certainly there is a tipping of the hat to Friedlander and his monuments and many other bodies of work… but this sustained effort by Minick (for it runs over multiple trips and different decades) stands on its own and makes me gut laugh out loud at times with joy.

You could place Thomas Struth’s El Capitan and Minick’s Man at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, CA 1980 together on a wall and keep me happy for many years to come… truly happy. Those two or three paces ‘back’ that Roger Minick has at times made are so wonderfully fruitfull… magic.

So don’t delay, don’t hesitate… press the launch button and GO!


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