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There’s a group show hanging up at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery this week… and lil’ ol’ fat me has got a few small snaps in with everyone else’s magnificent pictures on the wall.

The show has brought together a few photographers who have been working in some of Australia’s immediate neighbouring patches of ground such as West Papua, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste (and a few others in-between and close by).

The photographers involved are Ben Bohane, Sean Davey, Stephen Dupont, ‘me the tubby one’, Gary Lee and Jon Lewis. Should be an interesting show given the quite different backgrounds and approach of the workers.

My exhibited prints are a weird edit of a few pano pictures that I’ve plucked from out of my wider Bougainville work. It’s actually been nice to make the decision to concentrate on a very small sliver of pictures that are at times brought together by aspect alone. So I’ve been bumping back and forth for a long while with old work prints and contacts…. shuffling…. scribbling… tearing things up… shuffling again… a few more chicken scratches on random pieces of paper… making a final decision and then changing my mind (again)…. and it’s always a bit of fun to do…

… anyway we’ll see what it looks like once it’s on the wall… I’ve kept my Bougainville pictures right close to my chest and this is really the first time any prints have been out on a wall with other peeps running their eyes on ‘em…. so the fact that it is a quiet first tentative edit/step makes it all a little more comfortable. So after the years gone already I’m here to underwhelm…

… and let’s be honest… they’re my pictures so the stakes are low at best.

If you’re interested in seeing the pictures of the other talented peeps who I’m hanging with… well… get along before late October to the GRAG and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

info here

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