I guess it’s just hangover from past points in a career… days spent in pitch black loading racks, listening to the gantry lift and humming tunes… hours under amber lights waving hands above the paper…

Some sort of romantic notion that really is not accurate (for these spaces are loved and used but the language that many employ to describe them seems a little over the top). For some they are useful productive spaces and for others they are best gone the way of the Dodo… no need for Monkey Magic or philosophical hula hoops.

Anyway a bunch of snappers have pointed cameras into various darkrooms around the world in what could be described as mostly efforts to document a ‘dying’ industry… I’ve referred to a few… and another fella pointing a camera is Richard Nicholson. UK darkrooms so of course the magnificent DeVere’s are in full force. Still great memories of cranking along with the 10.8 Dv back in the day… a different beast to the Dursts most certainly… just as good or ‘better’ in some respects.

So cruise on over for some pictures and hopefully something to make you grin.


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