There’s been venom, accusation, shoulder shruggin’ and any number of claims in the last little while on the www.

Seems the commercial cuddle has boiled some blood and peeps are drawing various lines in the sand.

Haviv’s pictures used by weapons manufacturers… Nachtwey photographing the Assad family in a cute setting with that dump truck…getting riled up and even  (somehow) some off to the side making weird claims that ‘embedding’ is something only really in existence since ‘91 Gulf fight (almost as hard to swallow as the tracks in the sand with the smoke and happy claim of “we don’t miss”).

But either way amongst it all there are some exceptional bits and pieces of discussion/thought/concept that made it to our screens and the chance to trawl through them is one to be taken.

A few links to click on and send you out…

Click here, here, here, here, or here to start…

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