The new issue of TimeMachineMag has landed… Elegy is the name and fantastic is da pictures!

Some of KisimP’s kink is well and truly fed and you’ll hopefully sit with us and find many hours of enjoyment ‘leafing’ through this issue.

 Elizabeth Heyert’s memorial portraits are magnificent and speak to any number of enquiry lines… let alone historical movements through the lens-based industry.

This series began in 2003, after I heard about the Southern Baptist tradition of elaborately dressing corpses for burial in a gorgeous preparation ritual for greeting life after death. I began to wonder what would happen if the beautifully coiffed and adorned bodies were abstracted from the context of a funeral and the trappings of a memorial service. Would it be possible to create a moving and emotional portrait of an individual after death?  Would the portrait be true, or an idealized one, in much the same way that the Egyptians generated embellished images for the afterlife? Given an abstract context, could a photographic memento mori explore the complexities of character of the person being photographed as a traditional portrait often does?

Big respect to the Time Machine Team… clapping hands and looking forward to more!

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