The talented big brain Rowan Conroy has a fantastic looking show opening at the start of March down in Melbourne.

He’s pointed his camera out over Athens… his stomping ground at times as he has pursued his research and photographic projects over the last decade or so. The place is deeply rooted in his life through family, relationships and experience.

So he has taken a step back and climbed thousands of stairs (hopefully a few elevators were available as well) to give us the view out over this (now) contentious and angry city where buildings burn and the credit hole seems to deepen by the minute. The hang is timely.

The new space Chapter House Lane looks like an exciting and fun space to show work in. No doubt Rowan’s huuuuuge prints will sing in there.

So if you’re down south (or within striking distance or even feel like a road trip to stare at pictures)… I’d say don’t miss it!

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