My website has been pushed back out of the garage after an evening of tinkering under the hood. Oil changed, manifold gasket changed, new thermostat and thermostat housing put in and shiny new plugs to get it firing fresh.

I find websites to be frustrating beasts at times. Not being a designer/code-monkey/geek makes it all the more difficult. Still, no point complaining, just keep rolling on breaking stuff, fixing it, breaking it, fixing it till you know what does what and who affects who… an endless circle of confusion. I gotta learn this stuff and get a real solid handle on it for those skills make me a little more streamlined and contained, a little more adaptable and a little more relocatable.

Having lived with and watched a number of very talented designers (who worked on web based stuff as well as all sorts of other things) means that I truly understand the fact my efforts are quite agricultural and simple… for many of those peeps see code and don’t see a bunch of mashed-together-text… they see the result.

Just got to keep an eye out for that big chunk of ice…

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