Poor little fella has been laid up for the last little while – ambulance rides, doctors, nurses, needles and tubes… like I said… poor little fella.

But good news is he’s now on the improve at 100mph – kicking, giggling and snacking away to his heart’s content.

So I’ve done the Hume Hwy shuffle a few times since Friday, bumped around on various floors (amazing where you can hide in an ER so they don’t kick you out) and generally got to the point where my brain has ceased to function (let alone poor old Missus Mum – she had the traumatic bit of holding him down as the tube got pushed in his nose and down the throat).

Now I gotta get on with it and catch up on jobs, work and chores (or are they all just one slab of ‘stuff’ to do before the fun starts – maybe I should just plaster on a smile, turn the music up and dance my way through it to make it all ‘fun’– I’ll probably never say a wiser thing…).

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