“Such art photography – and let’s face it, making images of life as it happens, lays at the very core of the medium – is regrettably viewed with suspicion in the art world. Misunderstood as a collection of lucky moments, fortuitous observations, or simply ‘documentary’, it has been bypassed or overlooked by many curators, writers and collectors who muddle it up with photojournalism, and are attuned mostly to assessing what the artist created. Jeff Wall, (who is deeply indebted to photography from this era, and Winogrand in particular) is accepted because he manufactures every scene, incident and gesture, so that way of working is embraced. But artist photographers like Papageorge, Arbus, Eggleston, or Frank, confuse the art world –what did they actually do, what did they actually create?

Once you get it, and thankfully enough of us do, you value this work beyond most any attempt to recreate the world as a Tableaux Vivant. My modest skills are inadequate here, but we can agree that these artists worked directly from life, and they perceived the world with such a force of immediacy and vision that they were able to pierce the opaque threshold of the present. They worked with life there and then, and have brought that forward to us here and now, where we can begin to glimpse something of what they intended. In some ways perhaps that is in itself a partial, but astonishing, description of their contribution and creative act – nothing less than measuring and folding the cloth of time itself.

-Paul Graham (from Passing Through Eden – photographs of Tod Papageorge).

There is a magnificent, wonderful, life filled online ‘gallery/magazine/journal/archive’ that all should get on over to: The Great Leap Sideways

It is extraordinary; magic pictures, folios, bodies of work… yes! If you went there today (being 09 October 2011) the front page will greet you with Eugene Richards, Atget and Evans, Robert Adams, Paul Klee… yes yes yes!

Now of course the hipsters will shrug their shoulders, blow their fringe out of the way and yawn at how ‘so not right now’ it all is… but that leaves just a little more space for some of us to slowly dig around and ogle at fantastic things, at confusing things, at wonderful commitments and momentary urges.

It’s all there, don’t waste your time reading this stupid journal… just click below three times and repeat after me: “there’s no place like home”…


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