On a fence - Panel

I’m usually loath to show much of my projects that are underway, especially those that are so early in their construction that I am not even sure they are worth seeing through to completion.

But this panel from a fence in Port Moresby is an interesting thing. I’m posting it here as a single item of interest rather than part of the larger work. I have cropped a section from the original picture so the detail can be seen in these small journal pictures. The original frame places the panel in its immediate surrounds.

Those in Moresby (or who have travelled through) will know exactly where this fence is. While we were living in Moresby I passed this place every few days. It is an approximate record of the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) activities in recent history. World War II and then various regional deployments are depicted. The fence is a fascinating thing to walk along, as it is covered in exerts of poems, depictions of defence force personnel and then more recent graffiti over the top.

There is a significant portion of the fence dedicated to the Bougainville crisis, for obvious reasons.

The picture above shows a part of this area of the fence. The two standing soldiers are PNGDF, whilst the kneeling figure can be assumed to be a Bougainvillean fighter by his skin colour, bandana and weapon layed to the side. It is certainly a frightening painting in its historical reference and its celebration of a civil conflict rife with abuse and continuing problems in the Autonomous Region.

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