It’s incredible what is found during quiet conversations in the sun with a coffee in hand.

Just those little moments where people talk openly; when they speak directly about their efforts without bluff or poker face vagueries.

I sat with Kris Kerehona the other day as we took a short break and sipped back the heart starting caffiene… and chatted about our own efforts, our own doubts about its traction or completion and the challenges of working within frighteningly small budgets (though an incredible freedom can come from these circumstances).

I am desperate to see his film Phoenix Rising. And his effort with Re-tracing a Soldier is something I need to dig further into.

I guess the thing is that moving footage intrigues and confuses me… I have no ambition to push into this world, no desire – the sheer weight and complexity of the moving footage undertaking makes carrying a small stills camera and a pack full of film seem utterly laughable in its simplicity.

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