The things you can quickly and easily find/see/listen to/watch are almost endless. Great diverse workers out there just doing their thing.

New books, new photographers, old favourites, reprints of long-gone tomes, multimedia pieces, new websites/blogs/zines/interviews/reviews… if you managed to hang in for more than a few hours you’d need a serious lie down to slowly digest the meal you’d just ploughed through.

AmericanSuburbX has for a long time been a point to explore from – and KP is always mining that seam of fantastic pictures – but now there is a ‘sister’ site. Rickard has launched and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

But the weird thing is that between trips to the rubbish dump, changing nappies, going to the farmer’s market and measuring a few points in the new work space… I opened a browser in my phone, ducked into the brokenbench facebook page and cruised around looking at wonderful things through links pointing out. Just a few minutes, a quiet moment standing out of the rain, just having a stickybeak.

Pictures by Mark Cohen and Darren McDonald, new sites, little teasers from Mayu about the Broome project… fantastic.

The faster connections and huge change of technology since I left Oz back in 2005 has been a massive, brutal shock. Still stunned by it all… there’s just so much…

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