The feature on Light Journeys this month has got me ‘going back’ in much the same way that my moment of clarity with books a few weeks back had me looking with fresh eyes at the familiar.

So I jumped straight on the brokenbench site over to Therese’s pictures and opened the North by Land work. Sheeeeeeeeeet – there it is, things completely forgotten in the vague ‘edit’ that is my memory. Strong photographs – amazing little snaps that speak louder now than what I remember when I first saw the work.

And I guess that is what I am rambling about here… the act of going back to the familiar, to the pictures and work we cherish but don’t necessarily pay attention to (or have reduced to a shadow of their glory) is a wakeup call. Suddenly there are stunning pictures there in front of you (they were always there!) and you’re head is spinning from the realisation that you’re first ‘look’ was just that… neither comprehensive nor well formed.

Photography allows us to make substantial amounts of ‘finished’ work with speed and surprising ease… and large edits of work allow these pictures to speak to each other, to inform, to lead us from spot to spot.

Going back is going forward, it is refreshing, it is new.

The ‘others’ have so much to offer.

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