Michael Schmidt just makes brilliant pictures.

And he has been able to sustain an incredible working life, decades of solid work, decades of pointing the camera at his world.

There are a number of stunning books of his out there… and truly the tome Irgendwo (ISBN 3-936859-18-3) is a beauty. Kills me every time.

A small back and forth between the photographer and Dietmar Elger is reproduced in the back of the book, and is a wonderful read.

“As far as I’m concerned photography virtually invites you to take a serial approach. Even in the early years, since 1965 when I began taking pictures, I was thinking about what possibilities photography had to offer. It was clear to me even then that I wanted to establish connections by using several images.

The sheer number of images involves a high degree of complexity. The interaction between single images creates a new plane. It’s true that i work with single images, but they are not conceived to appear as such, but rather that the individual image takes its place in the sequence. It is very important for me that the pictures aren’t striking in themselves. They don’t tell a story as such. They do provide a narrative structure, but it doesn’t reside in the individual image.”


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