This morning I’d stumbled down the hallway scratching myself and bumping into things (after staying up watching Cadel ‘I used to whinge but now I just ride like hell’ Evans smash the Tour – I was feeling a little dusty) and paused when I caught sight of an old 10×8 negative box all marked up with notes written on the outside.

The absolute obvious fact of prior work informing the present and future undertakings became a conscious thing for a few moments. Not something that I say “yes yes yes” and move on from, but a short period of time where I held a few negs up to the window and used them as a jumping off point for a little internal dialogue– what did they inform? where were they pointing? what had I forgotten? (for to go back and look at old edits and work can sometimes be a huge eye opener).

All those boxes, those files, contact sheets, work prints and rejects are a gold mine for new edits, a treasure trove, a place that tells us more (and offers more) than our ‘best work’ will for where we’ve been and where we might be going.

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