Work prints from 'Dust Days'

After being away for a little while, it is good to be back in the Buka darkroom, working on prints from my ‘Dust Days’ project.

I’ve got a lot of splashing around to do. These negatives have been sitting there, demanding to be printed, but I have largely left them alone until now. Every time previously that I had picked them up I was tentative and not really committed to seeing them finished. That has certainly changed.

They are wonderful prints to make. Not because of any ease or ‘brilliance’ in the prints, but because the pictures are from a period of my photography now well and truly finished. It is interesting to dig back into the negs, and approach them from a point of new discovery. As things have changed significantly since they were made it is a clean slate, where intentions at the time of snapping the shutter are only apparent in the frame, not necessarily remembered (or important).

It is good to be back in Bougainville. Every time I leave I walk away from the opportunity to get through the backlog of work as well as make new pictures in this amazing place. It almost feels like i’m in a holding pattern while I am away. Right, enough time spent on the computer, back to editing and preparing for the day’s work. Prints to be made.

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