I’ve landed into BrisVegas this evening. Bunking down in a cheap room next to the airport and not even bothering to open a bag other than to grab my toothbrush and a change of clothes for the morning (need to look nice and sharp for that strip search!).

Tonight is all about a clear head, just sitting back and relaxing before my flight into POM tomorrow.

2 Responses to Fear and loathing in BrisVegas (in transit)

  • jonathan says:

    Is that an M6 I see before me? Have a safe and excellent trip JCJ

  • Sean says:

    Jon, It’s an M4P, like and m6 but smaller and without a light meter. No batteries what so ever. 35mm f2 lens with it. Its a lovely little camera. It was mine up until a few months ago, Dave bought it and sent it over to the US for a nice overhaul, looks unreal. Its a great camera.

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