Rolling home from an antenatal class last night… and a P-Plate driver runs a red light at the intersection we were crossing and smacks the little Morris through the line of the front axle.

Edwina and her ever-expanding belly were riding shotgun but luckily the impact was well forward of her seat (somehow – thank fuck for that). It would have been the scariest view for her, sitting there just watching as the other car was about to hit without the ‘action’ of a break peddle to pump and a steering wheel to grip.

Police and ambulance turned up – pregnant wife off to hospital for check and observation, then statements, breathalyser, insurance, tow trucks and all that jazz before hitching a cab out to the hospital.

End result: without wheels for the foreseeable future but most importantly a healthy mother-to-be (and a little grommet inside)… good times…

2 Responses to And the hits just keep on coming…

  • Jason says:

    for me, words would be totally inadequate to try and describe either yours or Edwinas feelings, REALLY happy to read about the “all clear”. Best wishes for the time ahead dude and dudette

  • jonathan says:

    Glad that all was clear with Eddy. Hope you can get the Morris back on the road.

    Take care.

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