It was announced a while back that Davide Monteleone is the recipient of The Aftermath Project grant for 2011 to continue work on his project “Red Thistle – the Northern Caucasus Journey”. A huge congratulations to Mr Monteleone! He’s popped up in a number of awards and grant rounds recently, so hopefully he’ll be able to pursue some more great work and bring new pictures to an eager public.

The Aftermath Project is an organisation based in the USA that funds the photographic exploration of post-conflict stories when the majority of attention has left and been focused elsewhere. It aims to assist photographers in following stories that do not focus on the fighting, rather on the ongoing challenges as communities rebuild.

Finalists who were cited for their excellent proposals:

Miquel Dewever-Plana: “Guatemala: The Other War”

Elizabeth Herman: “Women Warriors: Bangladesh”

Massimo Mastrorillo and Lara Ciarabellini: “Bosnia y Herzegovina – If Chaos Awakens the Madness”

Carlos Javier Ortiz: “Too Young to Die”

I urge you all to join me in spending a long time looking at their pictures and exploring what they are doing. There is SO much good work out there that we never get to see. This award and the grant attached to it help keep some workers swimming with their heads above water rather than slowly slipping into the murky pool.

I put my hat in the ring for the 2011 round and was unsuccessful (the photographers were all notified privately a little while back as to the decision). I find the world of proposals/grants/institutes very difficult to navigate at times, so my thanks go out to Ms Cheryl Walsh in Iowa for her advice and careful eye, and the photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier (also from Iowa) for his clarity and willingness to sit back and chat (even over a disastrously bad phone connection between Bougainville and the USA). (Miquel Dewever-Plana)

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