Sean Davey and I jumped into the Pidgin-mobile on Saturday and stormed north, our sights set on Newcastle.

It was a productive day with some great conversations on the possibility of showing some prints; as well as a chance to sit back and cruise.

The ride south in the afternoon was sweet, and I got the chance to slowly roll through Brooklyn and see the river that I used to wander by daily (in a past life). I romanticize the time spent living in that tin shed a little too much (it was dry, but not particularly good in the heat of summer or the cold of winter) – but the existence of having the thing split in two, one side containing a darkroom, the other a bed, trangia stove and fridge… well it gave me a little space to push and strip away a little of the overload the inner-city had wrought. It also meant a broke youngster could continue to feed film into the 8×10 (hmmmm, “film or house?”…).

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