The last few days have been a blur of long distance driving, furniture hauling, coffee, furniture hauling, menial work and furniture hauling. Still, my work space is getting closer and closer. Scheming and measuring is well underway.

The classic Hume Hwy Shuffle (one of Australia’s great drives…) went down a treat on Saturday, once north just before sunrise and again heading south at the end of the day. Didn’t get to the great tonne on the odometer, pulled up short at around 920km… a decent effort all the same.

Caught up on sleep now, so onward to get things-a-crackin!

3 Responses to The Hume Hwy Shuffle

  • Jason says:

    Hope you get settled soon, but I don’t know how you call the Hume Hwy one of Australia’s great drives????? I liken it to Blacktop Boredom, or Fatigue Freeway. Travelling south from your old home town would be much better via Taralga and Black Springs. As for great drives….Great Ocean Road 🙂
    Travel safely.

  • Hempe says:


    yes… sarcasm is often missed on the web… the Hume is truly a shit piece of road; no wonder so many people fall asleep on it and slam into a tree with cruise control engaged.

    Would have used the back route… but the flooding had collapsed the road, so no go!

  • natty says:

    hey the hume maybe boring but its better than having a narrow notorious neglected undivided piece of shit that causes head on colisions with cars n trucks thats what the hume would be like if it wasnt boring either way roads are dangerous. we aussies are also not quite use to having long distance freeways like europe and america because most of our highways in australia are not much freeway standard but the hume is just the start in a couple of yrs ppl will be saying “oh the pacific hwy is so boring” and alot of other hwys that will be converted to dual hwy so get ready! becoz hwys are about to get more boring…..but yet quicker in travel times 😛

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