Fouad Hady has made a short documentary that examines the legacy of depleted uranium on the city of Fallujah in Iraq. Scenes of highly deformed new born babies and huge numbers of leukemia sufferers meant that it was confronting (and supposedly heavily edited to make it watchable on Australian television… wonder what wasn’t shown…). It was recently shown on the Dateline program on SBS. I believe it can be watched online.

The use of depleted uranium is surprisingly broad in the military context, but its most contentious is the armour piercing rounds that are fired from vehicle and aircraft mounted guns and cannons. There are differing views on the effects of the trace material left over after the rounds tear through a targeted vehicle (or building).

The Australian photographer Ashley Gilbertson spent many years photographing the Iraq conflict, and was there in Fallujah for some of the heaviest fighting. His photographs have been recognized with a number of awards. His book Whisky Tango Foxtrot (get it?) is well regarded and on my list once I squirrel away a little more cash. He has gone on to spend an extended amount of time examining the post traumatic stress suffered by many involved in the Iraq war. He is a member of Degreesouth and VII Photo.

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