A decent day in the darkroom, splashed around and tried to ensure I made something of it.

Dust Days went back into the enlarger. ‘The trees’ have been bugging me for a very long time, and a work print has been taped up in my darkroom for a while, letting me look at it often and leaving me considering the larger project. As always you end up with far more questions than you ever wanted, and few answers to settle the nerves.

Gotta push on and see this project to bed at some point. I’ve worked on it for years, and have (many times) chucked the work into the round file in a fit of rage/despair/disgust (and fear that everyone else will mock it relentlessly). There’s a lot of work left in it, but I’ve got some small steps mapped out that will give me a little momentum and some sense of accomplishment.

Just need to spend more hours and days/weeks flapping my hands around under that enlarger lens!

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