I’m going all pseudo-nepotistic here, but am not going to apologise for celebrating great pictures. If I ever get to that point then I should be put out of my misery (there’ll be a line of people willing to help).

Therese Harrison of brokenbench fame has a body of work that is glorious. North by Land has set the bar high. Harrison has published the group of pictures on the brokenbench site.

The picture above from Olkhon Island in Russia is stunning. I am happy that I can put it here on kisim piksa. The spidery frost, hooded figure, cutting light on the building, blue-grey cloud and the shadow marked post that divides the frame all come together and build into something incredible. Ever since I got my first look at it I’ve been going back, staring at it. Wonderful. This thing has layer upon layer upon layer, and you can keep working through finding more and more as the eye wanders. That far right hand side, indistinct and frost obscured, leaves you asking questions and imagining what pans out to the horizon (and at the end of that enquiry you’re still left staring, hoping something will reveal itself).

Photography in one of its most beautiful (and some would say most useful) forms.


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