The tanks have started rattling around, splashing developer onto my film from down south, and my fingers are crossed as I wait out the allotted time before I can pull the negs from the reels and stare at them with knotted guts.

I have to force my way through as much film as I can manage. As always the biggest hurdle is drying the film reels quickly enough to be able to load them again for another round. I have plenty of reels, but my large tanks eat them up. Have to get this done ASAP.

Then the fun begins.

2 Responses to Film in the soup

  • Sean says:

    Stainless steel tanks and reels. The only way to go.

  • Hempe says:

    I’ve dropped so many of those bloody stainless reels, bending them out of shape… beautiful to use, fast to dry… but not for the clumsy or rough worker…

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