I just hit ‘send/receive’ on my email account, and the little machine is FREAKING out at the amount of messages it needs to download (oh please, please don’t catch on fire…). This is going to take all day.

I’ll begin working through them as quickly as possible and will hopefully have responded to all soon.

Apologies for any delay that may have caused headaches… but sometimes the pictures (thankfully) just can’t be found near a reliable internet connection (other than by running your own little VSAT… and that won’t ever happen on my budget!).

4 Responses to send/receive

  • Pen says:

    Welcome home. Your posting made my day!

  • Sean says:

    MAAAAAAAAATE! can’t wait to sit down with a beer and go over these beauties! Got yr email, Fuck em. I don’t read that any more anyhow. Not interested. bb meeting tomorrow night. Get ready to upload.

  • Jason says:

    Add another welcome home. Looking forward to seeing this project unfold.

  • brokenbench says:

    Hi Dave,

    Glad that you’re back and had a great last month. We’re all excited, and very much looking forward to having you in brokenbench and greatly anticipate your work being shown on the bb site shortly.



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