I got this book in the mail last month, and have been sitting with it since. The book was floating about in the postal system for a while, so I’d been watching out for it… waiting waiting.

Brilliant. If you’re looking for a new bit of work to sit back with and slowly dig through, then this is a good place to start.

Spiro Miralis has put together a beautiful book. The photographs are a departure from his pictures that I am familiar with. He has embraced colour in all its subtlety and pushed out into a quiet, understated world. The cutting, harder edge of his B&W work may not be as apparent, but the direct gaze (or maybe an unflinching stare) is present.

Each picture stands alone in the layout, a move that would kill weak photographs. These pictures thrive in the space.

Purchase Unidentified Rose here.

Press release here.

Photographs here.


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